Why clients love BodE Work...

"Six months ago I would have been happy to just be able to get up in the morning and take a shower without collapsing in excruciating pain. Now, after a few sessions of therapy with David, I can live my life fully. I have regained all of the feeling in my hand and have no pain in my back, neck or shoulder."

- Sharon Rountree

"I have a long history of spinal problems. I was born with scoliosis and by the time I was in the 5th grade, I had spent 2 years in Children's hospital in San Francisco fighting two tumors that were attacking my spine and spinal cord. I had two major spinal surgeries and wore body casts and steel braces for years.

When I turned 60 I started having a lot of trouble with the muscles around my spine contracting and knotting painfully. I taught physics at SLOHS before retiring and can remember working problems on the chalk board while my back pain became so bad that I had to stop and try to limit the pain before I could continue to teach.

I had been going to several massage therapists before David. I had one person tell me that they did not think they could ever resolve the knots in my back. Over the period of a year, using massage and acupuncture, David was able to relax my back and eliminate the knots.

Today I swim, ride my bike, work in the garden and have a pain free existence, thanks to David Nelson. My pain level before treatment was about 9 and now is about 0-1 depending on how much I tire myself. I absolutely got my money's worth and would recommend David to anyone. David was much more than a massage therapist, he is a healer."

- Mike Aiello, Teacher at San Luis Obispo High School, Atascadero

"The first time I was treated, I could hardly walk. I went in to see David and walked out 1 1/2 hours later with no pain. He used Accupressure and Accupuncture to make my pain level go down from a 7 to a 1. "

- Michael Hudacheck, Sales and Service, Shell Beach

"I had very bad sciatic nerve and disc problems in my back. I was in pain for five months and I
was treated only once before I felt results and twice before I felt completely better.

David keeps his treatments affordable for people who don't have insurance. My nerve problem is completely gone now. I don't know what he does, but it works! "

- Sally Hayes

"Several of our employees have said this was the best fair we have had, and David's presence at the fair definitely contributed to that enthusiastic response. The many activities David provided- Massage, Pilates, T'ai Chi and Yoga- gave our fair spirit and we appreciated these activities. The time and energy David dedicated to this event and his demonstrated support of the well-being of our employees is truly appreciated. Of the 28 booths at our fair, David's rated third!"

- Alice DeWelt, Assistant Health and Safety Officer, Atascadero

"I have worked with David Nelson at Legends Salon and Day Spa for the past three and half years. I have seen him treat many people for many different ailments with amazing results.

Three years ago, I was hospitalized for a week with an undiagnosed abdominal problem. When I was released from the hospital, still undiagnosed, I was suffering from severe constipation from the pain medication given to me while in the hospital.

Upon my leaving the hospital the first thing I did was see David Nelson for treatment that evening, at his home. After seeing David I was immediately relieved of my constipation as well as some other problems that I was suffering from after my week stay in the hospital, such as a rib that was out after laying in bed for a week. "

- Cristin Hernandez, Stylist, Templeton

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