B-PRA Training

Learn how to eliminate any pain anywhere in the body with the Bod-E Work Pain Resolution Approach!

BodE Work Pain Resolution Approach was birthed from 3 decades of working in pain resolution and injury care.

David Nelson, pain resolution specialist and the founder of BPRA, has explored and honed this method on over 40,000 people to achieve the greatest outcome.

Inspired to help people heal FAST with optimal results, David created a quick and effective approach to pain resolution and injury care, which is now available to you!

What is BPRA? This is a course in continuing education for massage therapists, acupuncturists, and body workers or healers of all types. BPRA stands for BodE Work Pain Resolution Approach. Let’s dissect the name...

  • Bod is the physical body and its systems.
  • E is the non-physical or energetic bodies, an example would be the emotional aspects of the self.
  • Work uses mindful breathing to connect the physical and non-physical to cultivate health and well-being.
  • Pain Resolution is a main priority for most practitioners and is the focal point of this approach.
  • ​This Approach is highly effective because it breaks the pattern that is causing or holding the pain.

You have the power to free friends, family, or clients from pain.